Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Alfa Digital is delivering its customers’ Pay-Per-Click management services for both Business-to-Business (in short B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (in short B2C) sectors. Our results-oriented techniques to pay-per-click management allow us to provide active campaigns that drive the best quality traffic and conversions to your website.

What we will do

In our pay-per-click campaigns, we don’t measure success in visibility or clicks. Pay-Per-Click only works when the right traffic is being driven to your site, so we count sure our Victory on the final results.

Our strategies of running paid advertising for our clients have proved their worth. These strategies are so much extent that we utilize them ourselves to acquire clients. We will manage your advertising budget with as much care as we do our own, so you can assure your investment will be in safe hands.

Google Shopping Management

The ability to get their products in front of customers is the core point for e-commerce businesses. Google Shopping Management allows your business to be center as customer’s research, compare and buy online.

We will start with analyzing the data by using machine learning technology to mark the trends amongst the noise. We will also analyze competitors and industry trends that help in framing the best Pay-Per-Click strategy.

Difference between Google Shopping and Traditional Adds Method 

Google Shopping Management is different from other forms of paid search work. With traditional search ads, we target specific topics, bidding for a search intuition share. Shopping ads are about feeding added to upload data. This feed informs the product details shown to the customer and where the product should be shown to the buyers. That is the reason Google Shopping is required to be managed carefully. Shopping feeds can also include trust factors such as review stars and product information and quality.

Unified Pay-Per-Click with SEO services

Besides pay per click, we offer unified SEO services that help to boost the results from Pay-Per-Click. While Pay-Per-Click advertising helps to deliver required results faster, SEO supports long-term growth and website attention.

Our unified campaigns are built for enduring and long-time, delivering both paid and organic results. We provide monthly reporting with all our services, to show you the results that matter to your business.

Pay-Per-Click Management for Business-to-Business

We are experts in business-to-business digital marketing. As now Digital marketing trend growing fast. Most business heads using online search as their first method of procuring services. 

Business-to-Business PPC has never been more effective. As a PPC management company, we can directly search and target your perfect client. We will develop agile PPC campaigns to drive leads and sales.

How it works

Our certified PPC specialists have experience in pay-per-click services. We will provide you best practice setup by creating Ads structured with spellbinding ads design to attract traffic. We will also Campaign keywords and audiences based on your business goals. As we mention already, we measure our success on the Final results. Our final result base on only pay for clicks, with full conversion reporting. We’ll drive a high ROI by regularly optimizing new opportunities

If you’re looking to create more opportunities through pay-per-click advertisement, we could be the right PPC agency for you.

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