How to Earn Backlinks in SEO

What are backlinks?

A backlink/inbound link is a link that comes from another website to yours. All of these connections count as backlinks who are on a different website link that could be in a text, as a button, or on an image. For every major search engine’s SEO, backlinks are very important because they are one of the most important ranking factors.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks count as one of the most important for Google search in between 200 known Google ranking factors. That’s because a link to another website is considered a recommendation and a vote of confidence.

It’s difficult to get that kind of support, especially for small businesses. But if you want to increase your website’s SEO score, you should earn high-quality backlinks to your website faster than your competition.

A link-building strategy doesn’t just increase your SEO score and visibility on Search Engine result pages. It also shows the audience your company’s relation to other brands. Backlinks can show a relationship between two sites and how these sites are working to help each other grow.

In Audition, backlinks help readers get with most accurate information that answers their questions.

High-Quality Backlinks

All backlinks are not created equal. If you considered a backlink as a vote of confidence, it should evaluate the credibility of that vote.

In the past, tactics such as link PBNs, comment spam, and farms allowed black-hat SEOs to create huge backlink profiles and smartly game the system. Now Google has become smarter so these black-hat link-building techniques no longer work. Now “unnatural” links may even cause a penalty to your site. Now quality and quantity both equally matter in backlinks.

Earning a high-quality backlink is the most challenging part of SEO work. You will want links that are:


A site should generate a lot of traffic, has an authoritative backlink profile, and ranks well in the Search Engine Result Pages itself.


The linking page should contain a similar topic.


You should avoid the sites that are promoting your competitor’s sites or content. Otherwise, the backlink may be good to have but leads generation may be minimum.


The linking website should be natural and not be supported to the not sponsored links, unbranded or spam text.

How to Get Backlinks

  • Reclaim Unlinked Mentions.
  • Get Contextual Links.
  • Get ‘Best X’ List Mentions.
  • Become a Source for Other Publishers.
  • Update Old Content.
  • Build Free Tools.
  • Publish Ultimate Guides.
  • Use Images to Earn Links.
  • Use Directories.
  • Use the Broken Link Building Method.

Reclaim Unlinked Mentions

It is the quickest and easiest way to build high-quality backlinks.

You just need to keep an eye on sites mentioning your brand, on blogs, or in the news.

If you notice any site mention your brand, product, or service and not link back to your site. Then you can ask and send them a note for a proper link attribution. It allows the publisher site to give their audience a better experience, letting them click through and learn more about the brand.

In this method, you can reclaim links for other mentions that are related to your brand.

Get Contextual Links

The links embedded in the text of an article/blog are called contextual links.

The purpose of getting contextual links is to find the right link to reach out to. To find these links you can search articles that are related to the content and have a “Read more” section.

A relationship-based backlink is accepted by Google through credible websites and relevant keywords.

Get “Best X” List Mentions

Now it is the Digital Marketing era. Today’s consumers check for all available options before purchase. They often use comparison websites or articles.

Getting mentioned on these best articles that list your products is a fantastic way to brace your brand, and earn high-quality backlinks.

Become a Source for Other Publishers

In this strategy, using your website’s expertise and unique data it can be turned into a source for other bloggers.

Every time someone quotes on your website, you will earn a backlink. In this way, you not only earn high-domain authority backlinks. Also when your websites become a trusted source, it will increase your brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Update Old Content

If there is an article/research report that hasn’t been updated in a while, with plenty of backlinks. You can create a better, fresh piece, with more relevant data for this article/research report.

It is very beneficial to keep your audience update and for your brand awareness in the digital marketing.

Build Free Tools

Creating free tools, just like template generators or calculators, is a very effective way for earning backlinks and new leads in digital marketing.

  • Here are some key points of how to get started:
  • Start with keyword research in your industry.
  • Check out what tools are at Top search results for those keywords.
  • Try to figure out which tool/generator receives the most backlinks.

Build something similar but better than competitors like more customizable options and better design etc.

Publish Ultimate Guides

It is a piece of content designed comprehensive resource on a given topic. It covers information to learn more about that subject.

Here are two examples from our blog:

Ultimate Guides help bloggers/journalists reference a concept they mention.

Use Images to Earn Links

Infographics are the most common visual attraction to earn backlinks In SEO. They work great for your brand.

Here are some more visuals you might consider creating:

  • Charts and graphs with original data.
  • Diagrams to visually explain complex concepts.
  • One-page templates.
  • Free photo galleries for others to use.

It is the best strategy of Digital Marketing to earn backlinks 

Use the Broken Link Building Method

In this technique find and suggest a website that has a broken outbound link to update it with a link to one of your websites. Of course, your site has to be a good resource on the topic to which they were originally linking. So with this technique swap the broken link with yours.

This method help webmasters fix an error on their website and it improves the experience for their audience.

No doubt, it is a challenge to find these broken links. For example:

You can look for one dead page (404) that used to get plenty of links, recreate that article better and more relevant content, and then reach out to those who linked with it.

You will need good SEO tools to identify broken links. Once you identify the target websites and have your content ready, you can start working on your stretch out.

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