High-Level Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan Outline 

Digital Marketing plans can get fully granular to reflect the industry in which you are, whether you are selling to the customer (B2C) or other businesses to businesses (B2B), and how to affect your digital presence is. Here are the elements that every effective marketing plan includes:

Business Summary

In a Digital marketing tactic, your Business Summary is precisely what it sounds like: a summary of the business. This includes:

  • Company name.
  • Primary Location.
  • Its mission statement.

Business Initiatives

The Business Initiatives term of a digital marketing plan helps you segment the various aims of your department. Be careful not to enter big-picture Company initiatives, which you had usually find in a business plan. This section of your digital marketing plan should describe the projects that are particular to marketing. You’ll also describe the intentions of those projects and how those intentions will be covered.

Customer Analysis

Here is where you will carry some basic market inquiry. If your company has already done a thorough market research inquiry, this segment of your marketing plan might be more comfortable to put together.

Eventually, this element of your digital marketing strategy will help you describe the business you’re trading to and your buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional portrait of your typical customer, concentrating on traits like:

  • Age.
  • Location.
  • Title.
  • Goals.
  • Personal challenges.
  • Pains.
  • Triggering events.

Competitor Analysis

Your buyer persona has options when it comes to solving their problems, options in both the types of solutions they think and the providers that can manage those solutions. In your market research, you should consider your opposition, what they do well and where the holes are that you can fill.

This can include:

  • Positioning.
  • Market share.
  • Offerings.
  • Pricing.

SWOT Analysis

Your digital marketing plan’s Business Summary also involves a SWOT analysis, which reaches for the business’s powers, gaps, possibilities, and warnings. Be tolerant with your business’s SWOT analysis; you’ll write most of it depend on your market research from the segments above and your policy below.

Market Strategy

Your Market Strategy uses the information inserted in the above segments to explain how your company should request the market. What will your business allow your buyer personas that your opponents aren’t already giving them?

In a full-length marketing strategy, this segment can contain the “seven Ps of marketing”:

  • Product.
  • Price.
  • Place.
  • Promotion.
  • People.
  • Process.
  • Physical Evidence.


Don’t mistake the Budget portion of your digital marketing plan with your product’s value or other company financials. Your budget explains how much money the business has assigned the marketing team to continue the initiatives and purposes outlined in the parts above.

Based on how many different accounts you have, you should examine counting this funds by what exactly you’ll consume your budget on. Example marketing responsibilities include:

Outsourcing payments to a digital marketing agency and other providers.

  • Digital Marketing software.
  • Paid promotions (including PPC).
  • Events (those you’ll host and/or attend).

Digital Marketing Channels

 Your digital marketing plan will add a list of your digital marketing medium. While your company might support the stock itself using certain ad terms, your marketing medium is where you’ll write the content that teaches your buyers, produces evidence, and expands awareness of your brand.

If you write (or intend to publish) on social media, this is the site to talk about it. Use the digital marketing medium segment of your digital marketing plan to the layout of which social channels you want to begin a business page on, what you’ll use these social channels for, and how you’ll cover your success on this interface. Part of this section’s mission is to prove to your superiors, both inside and outside the marketing agency, that these channels will help to improve the business.

Businesses with large social media behavior might even consider developing their social policy in a separate social media policy template.

Financial Projections

Recognizing the budget and performing an investigation on the digital marketing medium you want to invest in, you should be able to come up with a plan for how much budget to spend in which plans are based on exacted ROI. From there, you’ll be able to come up with economic predictions for the year. These won’t be 100% perfect but can help with official preparation.

Free Marketing Plan Template

Now that you know what to insert in your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to seize your digital marketing plan template and see how effective to produce the six elements described above. The following marketing plan template starts immediately in Microsoft Word, so you can update each part as you see fit:

Social Media Marketing Plan layout

As digital marketing branches increase, so will their behavior on social media. And as their social media behavior grows, so will their need to estimate, plan, and re-plan what types of content they want to advertise beyond each system.

If you’re watching for a way to increase your social media marketing policy and even more than the marketing plan template up and the following examples of social media marketing plan templates are excellent for you:

In the above examples of marketing plan templates, you’ll get to appoint in the following contents (and more) to befit your company:

  • Annual social media budget tracking.
  • Weekly social media themes.
  • Required social media image dimension key.
  • The pie chart on social media traffic sorted by platform.
  • Social media post calendar and publish time.

Below, let’s evaluate the social media describing templates, and what you’ll find in each one.

1. Social Media Questions

This template places out questions to help you determine which social media administration floor you should use.

Once you know what social media plans you’re going to achieve in your marketing plan, it’s time to think out what mediums are right for you. This template will support you do that.

2. Hashtag Holidays

If you’re going to sink into social media in your digital marketing plan, you can use hashtag holidays to produce plans.

These holidays are an excellent way to fill out your social media publishing agenda. With these terms, you’ll get a list of all the hashtag holidays for the year.

3. Facebook Live Schedule

If Facebook Live is one of the marketing schemes in your plan, this policy will help you produce an editorial calendar. With this term, you can create what Facebook live is you want to do and when to do it.

4. Instagram Post Log

You can arrange your Instagram posts and everyone on your side can know what posts are going live and when.

You can adjust your advantage and campaigns on this doc.

5. Paid Social Media Template.

With this template, you can create your yearly and monthly budget for your funded social media calendar. For example pay per Click services.

6. Social Media Account

Handling a social media account? You can use this template to help you collect the proper analytics. Collect the proper analytics.

7. Social Media Editorial Calendar

With this, you can create your social media editorial calendar. Such as you can cover social media posts for each platform, so your team knows what is live on any given day.

8. Social Media Image Sizes

With this, your team can have the most advanced social media image sizes helpful. This template combines image sizes for all important social media platforms, containing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and so more.

9. Social Media Marketing Proposal

With this, you can design a whole social media marketing program. This will describe the social media purposes, the extent of the task, and the plans that you set to implement.

10. Social Media Reporting Template

With this, you’ll obtain an approach to a slide deck that covers templates for social media reporting. If you plan to achieve social media in your marketing plan, these reporting templates can help you follow your journey.

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