Alfadigital SEO Services Cancellation Policy

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Alfadigital Cancellation Policy

We at AlfaDigital are fully confident in our wide-ranging SEO services and e-business solutions. Our experts’ team leaves no stone unturned in delivering our respected clients reliable, fast and exceptional SEO services every time we do business with them.

We have carried out all the services provided by Alfa Digital for the clients after extensive analysis of all information and requirements.

Therefore it guarantees a full understanding of the work and almost no possibilities of any project reversal, dispute, or cancellation. However, any reimbursement and service cancellation can occur abiding by a set of conditions.

Cancellation Policy

  • A client can cancel or pause Alfa Digital’s monthly services after notifying one by writing to Alfa Digital’s team members at least 48 business hours before the due date of the next payment.
  • If a client writes us to cancel or pause Alfa Digital’s services 24 hours after the current month’s payment day, we cannot cancel or remain the services for that month. But with that in mind, we would be happy to cancel or pause the benefits for the next month.
  • Alfa Digital does not carry out any refund or reimbursement. Once payments have to live made, Alfa Digital cannot reverse and undo them. The only way to prevent any future income is to notify Alfa Digital’s team members by writing and informing them at least 48 business hours before starting.
  • A client cannot cancel SEO Services in the middle of the current month. None of the current month’s SEO services payment can be refunded or reimbursed.
  • As we do not have any contract and if the client is not 100% satisfied with Alfa Digital’s services. Then you have the option to cancel the services before the start of the next month. However, before doing that, give us one more chance to give our best and make you happy.
  • Alfa Digital can’t guarantee 1st position on Google or other search engines. But we guarantee that it would optimize your website in compliance with the latest SEO policies. We use only “White hat” techniques in combination with our excellent skills, high expertise, and hard work. All this would ultimately lead to a visible increase in ranking and traffic.
  • The client has to pay in advance for SEO services every month. You have to pay for the whole month even if you require Alfa Digital SEO services for just one week or 2. Once a client has paid for SEO services, SEO experts would deliver SEO services for the entire month paid.

We request our clients to read the above mentioned cancellation policy carefully to avoid any inconvenience. Alfa Digital appreciates your time here.

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